Affiliated to CBSE ( Affiliation No:1930753 )
Boarding & Day School
We screen pupils for learning difficulties and special educational needs. We also act upon any information passed on by the pupil’s previous school. We highlight those who have specific learning difficulties. The provision for a pupil with a learning difficulty depends on a pupil’s need being formally diagnosed and may include such help as support within a classroom and/or individual and group support outside the classroom. Teaching staff are well informed, have up to date knowledge of effective learning and teaching strategies and are skilled at teaching pupils with learning difficulties and those with particular learning and special educational needs.

Across Kings Schools we have excellent communication between teachers and staff to share and feed information back regarding pupil’s progress, likes and dislikes. We do not discriminate against any individuals and similarly do not tolerate other students using discriminatory language or actions.

We recognise that different pupils learn in different ways, therefore we cater to addressing the many learning styles that children find works for them. Teaching research suggests that there are four main categories: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and reading/writing, and that each pupil is one or a mix of these when it comes to their most effective way of learning. 

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