Affiliated to CBSE ( Affiliation No:1930753 )
Boarding & Day School
The School Timing

The school timing commences for all pupils at 8:50am with registration. Morning lessons commence at 9:30am. Academic lessons finish at 3:45pm. School buses depart at 4:00pm. There is a provision for extra coaching in different sports and activities for interested students and transport is arranged for the students who go to extra coaching.

No Bag Day

Every alternate Wednesday during the year, pupils participate in challenging competitions and educational activities. This enables students to nurture a healthy competitive spirit while enabling them to identify their area of special talent. Examples of competitions held are ‘English Elocution’ and ‘Just A Minute’.

Child Protection

Kings CBSE School has a Child Protection (Safeguarding) Policy in line with legislation. Copies of the document are available from the school and in the school handbook.

First Aid

If a child is unwell at school we have a medical area (clinic) and a fully trained nurse on duty throughout the day. When necessary, parents will be contacted so that arrangements can be made for the child to go home. We ask parents to provide the school with some basic details relating to their children’s medical background, including allergies and nutritional requirements, in confidence, so that we can ensure that their needs are met. Parents should not send their children to school if they are sick.


School uniform is an essential part of the ethos of the school. A superb appearance enhances positive attitudes, high personal standards and a sense of pride in the community. Our pupils are regularly commended for their appearance as well as their conduct by visitors and when they are on school trips. It is important that, as part of the uniform, pupils adhere to the school’s Dress Code and always have the correct equipment with them. Students should be proud to wear their uniform.

Annual Day

Annual Day is our opportunity to come together as a school to celebrate the pupil’s achievements through the year. All our pupils are expected to join us for this special event, along with parents and members of the local community.


As a School we strongly believe in supporting those who are less fortunate than ourselves. To that end we support a variety of charities throughout the year.

Fee payments

  • Term-wise fees should be paid on or before 10th June, October and January by all students. Though there are just two academic terms, payment of fees can be made in a single instalment or in 3 instalments.
  • Books will be issued only on payment of all fees.
  • Activity fees and transport fees must be paid until April for the Academic Year.
  • New students are expected to pay their first instalment fee before their admission date.

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